Why is Israel so unique?

No other country in the world has any history comparable as that of the lands of Israel, none! It makes this lands, where “rivers of blood streamed through its fields, hundreds of thousands wept, loss of lives was indescribable”, an unique place, where conflict ruled for thousands of years, over and over again, never ending. In all of its history, all invading civilizations left something behind in Israel and when you look now, you see those civilizations still exist, living within the peoples and in this amazing, unique country.

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Best Tour in the World – History and Culture Tour, Part IV

Part 4 and the last part about the impression of the Culture and History tour of Israel. You learn more running this tour then years at school. That is valid for everyone, Jew, Arab, Muslim and Christian or anyone else.

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History of the land Israel

Several peoples are trying to lay claim on the land of Israel because of various reasons. The Jews and the Arabs are examples of that. But is there is basis of those claims? No. The Jews base their claim on historical claims, because they occupied these countries thousands of years ago. But what they don’t mention conveniently is that there are already people living in the lands what is now Israel, 600,000 years ago!

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