Shivta National Park in Israel

The Shivta National Park is part of the National Parks and History tour of Shalom Israel. Shivta, located in the western Negev not far from the Egyptian border at Nitsana, differs from the other Nabatean cities in the Negev in that it is not located on a main commercial route. It was also unwalled, and thus may be regarded as a large farming village.
Roman ruins, dating to the period of Shivta’s founding in the first century BCE, can be seen in the southern part of the town. Most of the remains, however, date from the Byzantine period.

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Fantastic Parks in Israel

In this article we have a collection of national parks and Nature reserves of Israel. For those of you who are considering to go to a park, I would say let the pictures speak for themselves. There are national parks in the north and the south their own charm. Here we focus on the park and nature reserves in the middle and south of Israel. The next article we focus on the north of the country.

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