Israeli Art – Amazing Drawings about Jerusalem

Beautiful drawings about beautiful Jerusalem by Israeli artists. The city is a dream to be painted.

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Beautiful Israel Photo Collection

This is a collection of random images about the beautiful country Israel with its variety in nature, culture, religion and its people. Its unparalleled in the world, and because of that, it’s a treasure chest for any tourist who wants to experience an unforgettable vacation for the whole family. The Shalom Tours are custom made and high quality and visit all of those places and much more.

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Touring the National Parks and Reserves in Israel

The national parks offer an exciting cultural adventure and an opportunity to visit magnificent historical sites, including Massada (Metsada), Caesarea (Keysarya), Beit She’an, and others that a glimpse of a wide range of ancient civilizations. These sites enable visitors to understand how people lived hundreds and thousands of years ago, while getting a close view of the places where events related in the Scriptures and history books occurred. We at Shalom Israel created seven tours, which covers 26 National Parks and Reserves in Israel, from the north to the south of this small, but amazing country.

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