The Best Luxury Hotels in Israel 2015

Here you can find a collection of 10 luxury hotels in Israel (the famous top 10 for 2015). Most of those hotels are being used by the 5 star category hotels in many of our tours, like the Food and Wine tours.

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Food in Israel at the Israeli restaurants and hotels

In Israel you can eat in the many restaurants bad, average and excellent food … if you know where to look. The prices are expensive compared with other countries, and the food you get in restaurants and even hotels might not be one of the best (colored meat one week old and the like). But there are quality restaurants and good hotels where you can eat excellent meals. And because of the nice weather, many restaurants look as wonderful as their food is. In this article you can also read the relationship between the guides and the food.

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Eilat Mountains Photo Collection

Visitors so look forward to their arrival at Israel’s Red Sea Riviera of Eilat that many dash straight there without realizing that along the way lie some of the most interesting sites in southern Israel. One of these areas is the Uvda Valley, west of and high above the main Arava Valley road linking the Dead Sea with Eilat. The road to the Uvda Valley (road 40) ascends from the Arava, past Kibbutz Neot Semadar, whose vineyards are beautiful green splashes against the wilderness, about 60 kilometers north of Eilat. Look at the gallery of images here.

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