A day tour to Masada and Ein Gedi

This is an article about a part of one of the many tours at Shalom Israel. It’s morning and everyone just finished the breakfast. The guides are preparing themselves and you for the things to come. Everyone has bottles with drink, hats, checkout the shoes and sandals and all the details, which are really needed for a day like this. Everyone gets their maps and books about Masada and Ein Gedi. And slowly everyone will exit the hotel and enter our waiting bus. The bus driver is in a good mood, because this trip is at least for him easy and he can stay inside the bus if he wants. We start driving and after 30 minutes the whole landscape start changing dramatically.

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The Curse of the Food and Wine Tour: Gaining Weight!

The Food and Wine tours are the most unique tours created and in existence in Israel; it’s a master-product. The people in the tour not only will meat the members of the many cultures in Israel, they will taste their cuisine and see how they live and be integrated in Israel. You can literally ‘taste’ the history. You learn more about Israel in this tour then 10 years of study.

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The Food and Wine tours with Shalom Israel!

Exclusive Food and Wine tour, which brings you on this culinary tour through Israel and meeting, talking and eating with the people whose forefathers come from many cultures living here in Israel for tens till thousands of years. Eating unique, healthy breakfasts, eating lunch with the natives, having each day feasts in the evening, eating the best ice cream in the world! And not to forget the chocolate and the cakes!

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