The five best day trips in Israel

Amazing five places for your day tours in Israel. Visit these places with your family, because it’s fun and interesting, not to forget exciting.

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Best Tourist Attraction Places in Israel

I’ve been involved in the Group Tours now intensely for the last weeks and traveled the country multiple times. When I spoke with a couple of tourists from Canada in the central bus station in Tel Aviv, they were asking me for the best tourist attractions in Israel. There are so many attractions, they got lost. Here is my list and the images with them.

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The Curse of the Food and Wine Tour: Gaining Weight!

The Food and Wine tours are the most unique tours created and in existence in Israel; it’s a master-product. The people in the tour not only will meat the members of the many cultures in Israel, they will taste their cuisine and see how they live and be integrated in Israel. You can literally ‘taste’ the history. You learn more about Israel in this tour then 10 years of study.

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