Orthodox Churches in Israel

A post about Russian-Orthodox churches in Israel, which is being used to create Shalom Israel Orthodox Church tours. These collection of churches is interesting, because they are so unbelievable beautiful with a rich history.

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Low-Budget Tours – The Art of Customizing our Tours

With the customization, you can transform one of the expensive tours here to a low-budget tour. For example, we’ve combined several tours together to a 8 day tour of Israel and the price went from $2,345 per person with a 30 people group to $1,439 per person … and that includes airfare from New York, US to Tel Aviv and back! The price is $860 without the airfare.

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The History of the Christian Churches in Israel

An article about the history of the Christian churches in Israel. Because there are so many different groups of Christian churches, and Israel is seen as the central place for Christianity, they are all represented in this land. And because Israel is a democracy with the freedom of religion, and the churches choose to stay autonomous, who all share the holy places in the Holy Land, its history is long and complex.

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