Different tours are available from $572 or $81 a day all in.We are proud to announce that we’ve created our 31st group tour in Israel and by this accomplishment, we are the biggest provider of organized tours in Israel. We create our tours from scratch, with the highest quality possible and flexibility in mind. All of our tours are customizable. At this moment of writing, we are preparing six other tours to be added to the collection.

We have several types of tours:

  1. Historical and cultural tours, for adults
  2. Eco-tourism tours, for the family, the adventurists and for the hikers
  3. Religious tours, for Catholics, Christians and Orthodox religious people

For the Historical and cultural tours, we have four Culture and History tours, three Archaeological tours and five Food and Wine tours.
For the Eco-tourism tours, we have the four National Parks and Reserves tours, we have the four Eco-Tourism tours and we have the three Cave tours.
For the Religious tours, we have three Catholic tours, we have three Christian tours and we have two Orthodox tours.

In all of our tours, we have four guides for the large groups (40 people or more) and two guides for the smaller groups. For the specialized tours, we have one guide (i.e. the Cave and History tours), who is a specialist in the subject and the other guides are normal professional guides. All of our guides are licensed and additionally trained by us.

In case you or the group bring their own guide, that guide comes for free and gets even paid for his or her services, just like our own guides.

The food is of the highest quality possible. Shalom Israel arranges the hotels and the restaurants during each tour and they choose for the best quality and test it out before each tour starts. Everyone eats breakfast in their accommodation, further dinner is served in restaurants and lunch varies (restaurants, picnics, barbecues).
For the Food and Wine tours, the food is exclusive and only prepared by Chefs and the wine offered is the best Israel can produce. Nobody eats in a hotel.

We offer all of our tours with the following types of accommodations:

  1. Hostel – one bed in dorm
  2. Guest House – If the group is equal or bigger then 30 people, the guest house is dedicated for only the group, nobody else. This is perfect for the religious tours, but others too!
  3. Three star hotel
  4. Four star hotel
  5. Five star hotel
  • It is possible to include other type of accommodations in a tour, like apartments, suites, flats and even houses. The availability is limited though! Sometimes the prices are cheaper or equal with a hotel.

All of our tours can be customized without any problem.

  1. The type of accommodation can be changed per day (i.e. day 1-3 Guest House, day 4-6 four star hotel, day 7-9 Hostel and day 10 five star hotel).
  2. Different tours can be mixed (i.e. take day 1 till day 3 from Cave tours, day 2 till day 4 from Eco-tours and day 4 from Christian Church tour and make a tour of 7 days).
  3. Add your own requests into each tour (i.e. for the Orthodox tour, arrange meeting with Orthodox community).
  4. Transport is usually by bus (mini-bus, medium and large buses). But it’s possible to customize that by indicating how many of the group wants to travel in another transport at the same time (i.e. from the group of 30 people, 8  people want to travel by Mercedes Benz 190D with driver, and 2 people by airplane).
  5. We can create for an organization a custom tour under the organizations’ name for free, which will include the tour manual (for the guides and organizers, which contains the total tour in detail) and marketing materials (flyers, catalogs, brochures, banners and calendars) and the guides act in your name during the tour in Israel. You have the choice of low-budget tour (i.e. with prices from $700 p.p.), a normal standard tour (i.e. with prices from $1,400 p.p.) or VIP tours (i.e. with prices from $2,000), this depends how you customize the tours.

We offer free marketing materials for anyone who needs it. The marketing material are flyers, catalogs, brochures, banners and calendars about the tour(s) you are interested in. That marketing material can be customized with your logo and company information.Translations are possible. Ask for a sample and we send you the PDF files. Click here to download some samples of marketing materials.
Our web site is a marketing web site. This web site is/will be submitted to all major search engines, social media and indexing sites in the Internet. Because of its inherit character of the site (it’s a blog), the site gets additional attention of the general public. We invite you to be part of the marketing web site, so you can promote your business as well … and it’s for free. Contact us for more information.

Order a Tour
We don’t sell to individuals. And we don’t host a tour with a certain fixed start date, because that would for sure degrade the quality of the tour.

But we sell to companies, travel agencies, travel organizations and anyone representing a group of people (like a club, school, company, etc.).

For interested individuals, we advice them to travel organizations, which might help them finding a perfect vacation in Israel.

The prices you see in the price lists contain the standard list prices. We expect you to customize our tours, where you define the quality and so the price.

For example, where the price list state that a tour cost $2,600 per person for 20 people and 12 days, you can customize the tour so that the tour cost $1,400 per person.



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