Low Budget Tours

Welcome to the Low-Budget tours of Shalom Israel.

Food and Wine ToursNormally at Shalom Israel, we focus on the VIP tours, which cost quite a lot of money, but they are special in the quality and service you are offered as group. Because we decide to allow full customization, it’s possible to design your own tours with the components of each tour.

You take a couple of days from a few tours and you slap them together, place it within a cheap type of accommodation, remove all those guides except one and dumb the gifts, books and maps and voila, you have affordable tours, which are high grade.

We have created for you several low-budgeting tours. Here is the list.

  • Catholic Tour, 8 days. This tour is designed for our Catholic guests and will guide them along the footsteps of Jesus Christ. It’s a spiritual experience to remember for all your life. Within this tour, there are options for renewal of your wedding vows and (re-)baptizing at the Jordan river without additional costs.
  • Israel Tour, 8 days. This tour brings you throughout Israel mainly the areas/cities of Tel Aviv, Sea of Galilee, Haifa, somewhat the Golan and then of course Jerusalem.
  • Mixed Israeli tour, 8 days. This is a very special tour, where we mixed many of our special tours together in one tour and low budget too. We integrated in this tour National Parks of the north, center and south of Israel, Archaeological tours, we took some Christian aspects from religious tours and integrated it here. We did the same with our Culture and History tours and the Eco-tourism tours.
  • Water and Desert Tour, 8 days. This tour will bring you to the to opposites in Israel, where we have desert (no water) and water (no desert). We will visit the most amazing places on earth, where we sweat under the hot, burning sun in the middle of the desert (optional the camel) and a minute later you can swim in nice, cool water. We don’t forget Jerusalem though. No tour is complete without it.

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