Eco Tours

Eco-tours are a set of tours, specialized in demonstrating the beauty of Israel. Because Israel is so beautiful, we’re forced to divide the beauty of this ancient country in multiple tours.

The Eco-tours are divided into several sub-sections. The reason for the division is that there are so many  beautiful places in Israel, that it will be impossible to show them all in a tour of 20 days! And that would become expensive as well. The other reason is that true beauty is different for each person. Some people love caves, other mysteries, others national parks, or animals or the beauty of cities, or archeology, or desert, mountains, or snow. Or maybe you come to Israel for healing, or pampering, or adventure, or hiking. You name it, it’s there. All those different aspects of the beauty of Israel are organized in multiple Eco-tours.

Eco-tours are going to be divided into several tours. Here follows the list:

  • General Eco-tour of 12 days. This tour will attempt to show the beauty of Israel, based on geology. With other words, we travel from the north of Israel to the south of Israel, hoping to cover as much as possible.
  • Caves tour, 12 days. In Israel, there are thousands of caves, and only 1,200 of them are registered. This cave tours will explore ten main cave systems throughout Israel. In this tour, we will see two tour guides; one is the experienced tour guide as usual, the other is a specialist in caves.
  • Park and National Reserves tour. You can find thousands of parks in Israel, but we will focus on only twelve of them, but they are truly the most beautiful ones.
  • Archeology Tour, 12 days. This tour is also part of the Eco-tour and with reason. This tour will visit between the 10-20 archeological sights, but not in a scholarly way, but bringing the ancient history to live! With specialist guides, they will lead you into the trip through times.
  • Desert tour, 12 days. This is a special tour, where we will travel by bus, jeep, camel, horse and we all go into the desert, where we meet the natives, partly live with them, and witness the beauty of the desert, the Negev. Visits to Jerusalem, Ein Gedi, Eilat, and more interesting places are part of the tour.
  • Hiking tours, 12 days. This is a tour, which will bring us to the most famous, beautiful hiking trails throughout Israel, from the north (Golan, Galilee), to the center (near Jerusalem), to the south (Negev and near Eilat).
  • Beautiful city tours. This is a special tour. If you are thinking about ecotourism, you don’t think about cities, not? Well, you are right, except in Israel. If you think that Tel Aviv is noisy, think again with this tour. And don’t forget, many cities in Israel are literally thousands of years old and we will show this!
  • Beautiful churches (monasteries) tour. In Israel you can find so many churches and monasteries with an amazing history, unique throughout the world. We are going on a trip to visit the most amazing churches, from the north to the south, in the cities as in the deserts and wastelands. You can find them all.

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