Services in the Lutheran Church

Lutheran Church of the Redeemer

9.00 Worship in Arabic
9.00 Holy Communion in English
10.30 Abendmahl in German

Monday – Friday
12.00 Andacht in German

Muristan, Old City – P.O.B. 14076
Tel: 02-6266800, Fax: 02-6276222

Danish Lutheran Church

Worship at the Redeemer Church St. John’s Chapel in Danish.

The schedule is subject to change. Please call before joining.

Bar Kochba Street, 91/5 P.O.B. 31154
Tel/Fax: 0775 324254, Mob. 0544 423154

Finnish Ev. Lutheran Mission

25 Shivtei Israel St., P.O.B. 584
Tel: 02-6288631, Fax: 02-6284561

Swedish Theological Institute

18.00 Worship in Swedish (Please note the service is only each second Saturday. Please call before joining.)

8.15 Communion Service in Swedish

58, Prophets’ St., P.O.B. 37
Tel: 02-6253822, Fax: 02-6254460


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