Group Tours of Shalom Israel, all prices are reduced up to 70%!

Here you see an overview about the public tours, created by Shalom Israel. There are many other tours, which are created as private tours and can’t be marketed or operated. The tours are coming in different settings. First of all, the tour itself is a VIP tour with the highest quality possible. Secondly, the tours can be customized and then can become even VIP Plus or a low-budget tour, as you wish.

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Shalom Israel, the only real Tour Creator/Operator in Israel

At Shalom Israel, we create Historical and cultural, Eco-tourism and Religious tours. We create them from scratch and are typical for its focus on Israel, the highest quality and they are all customizable. With our 31 different tours at the moment and 6 additional tours in the making, we offer the tourist in Israel an unique selection of high quality tours.

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Archaeological Tour

Tens of thousands of years of history comes alive: see for yourself the ancient civilizations and experience Israel through its rich archaeology. This tour is not clean! You get dirty!! You will visit the archaeological sights from the north to the south of the country. You will help digging in the dust and the mud, go trough water, rivers, pools, desert, stones, ruins … it’s amazing for those who are interested in the archaeology of Israel, see for yourself how people lived thousands, even tens of thousands of years ago.

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