Group Tours of Shalom Israel, all prices are reduced up to 70%!

Three main groups of religious tours are available at Shalom Israel in all price classes.

Three main groups of religious tours are available at Shalom Israel in all price classes, starting from $573!

Here you see an overview about the public tours, created by Shalom Israel. There are many other tours, which are created as private tours and can’t be marketed or operated. The tours are coming in different settings. First of all, the tour itself is a VIP tour with the highest quality possible. Secondly, the tours can be customized and then can become even VIP Plus or a low-budget tour, as you wish.

Archaeological tours

Archaeological excavations, national park Zippori, Galilee, Israel

Archaeological excavations, national park Zippori, Galilee, Israel

Tens of thousands of years of history comes alive: see for yourself the ancient civilizations and experience Israel through its rich archaeology. This tour is not clean! You get dirty!! You will visit the archaeological sights from the north to the south of the country. You will help digging in the dust and the mud, go trough water, rivers, pools, desert, stones, ruins … it’s amazing for those who are interested in the archaeology of Israel, see for yourself how people lived thousands, even tens of thousands of years ago.

Cave tours

Pa’ar Cave

Pa’ar Cave

The cave tour, part of the ecotourism and Eco-tours. This tour is meant for the normal public from the ago of 15 and older. It also means climbing, dragging your feet through the mud, becoming wet, walk under the burning sun, becoming dirty, etc. You’re warned!

Eco tours

Judean Desert

Judean Desert

Passionate about the environment? Tour Israel’s nature reserves, learn about farming in harsh conditions and visit sustainable-agriculture communities. This tour is focusing on Israel as an introduction tour. Nothing specialized, we try to make an attempt to show you as much as possible. I refer to the more specialized ecotours of Israel to see a specific aspect of the beauty of Israel in the other tours.

Culture and history tours

Boker Tachtit Upper Paleolithic culture

Boker Tachtit Upper Paleolithic culture

This is not a conventional tourist tour, it’s almost a fact finding tour. You will dive into the hundreds of thousands of years of history about the country of Israel. We will not only see the origins of the three or four major religions in Israel, but far before that. We will see the birth of many civilizations and how they are still alive in some form. Not only the history, but also the cultures of the past and the current day. This is the way how to understand such complex country as Israel. You will learn, see, hear, feel and taste more then you can ever learn at any school for many years … and that all in such a short time.

Food and Wine tours

Druze food

Druze food

Experience Israel through the tastes and the smells: a gastronomic adventure to discover Israel’s multicultural population and unique culture while indulging yourself in a wide palate of flavors.

Day tours



These are day tours and they are offered free of charge. Please contact us for the detailed itinerary for each tour.

National Parks and Reserves tours

Ein Avdat National Park

Ein Avdat National Park

The tour about the National Parks and Reserves of Israel covers the north, middle and south of Israel.

Religious tours

Catholic tours

Maronite Catholic Church

Maronite Catholic Church

Follow the footsteps of Jesus in a tour of the Holy Land: walk the Via Dolorosa, visit Nazareth and wet your feet in the Sea of Galilee. A spiritual experience to remember.

Christian tours

Armenian Catholic church

Visiting the Holy Land? Don’t miss all the hotspots with our suggested itinerary: visit Jerusalem’s Via Dolorosa and the room of the Last Supper, check out the Sea of Galilee and all the famous sites of the New Testament, and explore ancient cultures in various archaeological sites.

Orthodox tours

Greek Orthodox Mar Saba Monastery

Greek Orthodox Mar Saba Monastery

A Orthodox (Greek or Russian) tour through the Holy Land with the bible in your hand.



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