Take your own guide with you

Tourists and guide

Tourists and guide

Shalom Israel is creating tours, where (almost all of them) have the option to exclude food (except breakfast) and guides. We normally use four guides (for groups equal or larger then 40) and two guides for the smaller groups (professional and assistant guide).

For those tours, which might be dangerous without guide (like the Cave tours), guides can’t be excluded. The Food and Wine tours can’t have food excluded (that’s the whole purpose of it, not?).

There are groups, especially from Holland, who like to include their own guide with the group. That is of course possible, but there are some requirements connected to such inclusion.

  1. The guide needs to be knowledgeable. Our tours demands more then standard knowledge of the tour and sights (think about the History and Culture and the Archaeology tours).
  2. The guide must be willingly to read our extended guide documentation about the tour in question
  3. He or she gets even paid ($200 if the guide is professional, $100 if the guide is an assistant, per day). Such included guide doesn’t need to pay for food, accommodation, travel and fees.

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