Maps of Israel

Tour prices from $572 or $82 a day!Shalom Israel is in the business of tourism and especially it’s self created guided and unguided group tours through Israel. While creating those tours, there is loads of material we are working with and we are more then willingly to share this with you.

For many tourists, maps are essential, especially when they want to prepare their tour to Israel before hand. Especially for those who don’t want to take a tour, but try Israel by themselves. The internet is a perfect medium for that. What is the most popular need for a tourist are maps. And maps are expensive and there are too many type of maps. A normal, good tourist map is hard to get and they are normally not part of an atlas. So we introduce you to the collection of maps at Shalom Israel.

Here is the collection, organized in sections:

  1. Maps of Israel itself
  2. Maps of Akko (Acre)
  3. Maps of Beersheba
  4. Maps of Bethlehem
  5. Maps of the Dead Sea
  6. Maps of Eilat
  7. Maps of Golan
  8. Maps of Haifa
  9. Maps of Jericho
  10. Maps of Jerusalem, Part I
  11. Maps of Jerusalem, Part II
  12. Maps of Nazareth
  13. Maps of Negev
  14. Maps of Ramla
  15. Maps of the Sea of Galilee
  16. Maps of Tel Aviv
  17. Maps of Tiberias

Click on one of the maps where you are interested in for a full view and you can copy or save it for your own use. Also this list is regularly updated and more maps are following.


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