Shalom Israel, the only real Tour Creator/Operator in Israel

At Shalom Israel, we create Historical, Cultural, Eco-tourism and Religious tours. We create them from scratch and are typical for its focus on Israel, the highest quality and they are all customizable by the groups itself. With our 31 different tours at the moment and 6 additional tours in the making, we offer the tourist in Israel an unique selection of high quality tours.

The various type of tours, many of them following a certain theme and fitting in certain categories, but all of them have three things in common:

  1. All tours are focused only on Israel
  2. All tours must be of the highest quality
  3. All tours are highly customizable. You as group decide which days which type of hotels, or move days in the schedule up or down or mix several tours together, etc.

We have created several type of tours:

  1. Historical and cultural tours
  2. Eco-tourism tours
  3. Religious tours

Historical and cultural tours

Map of the Levant

Map of the Levant

We have the Culture and History tours, which are divided into durations (12, 10, 8 and 6 days), which shows the history of Israel in action, starting from tens of thousands of years ago till now and how the current cultures residing in Israel are still alive and kicking and peacefully living together (whatever the newspapers are claiming).

Tower of David Museum

Tower of David Museum

In this tour, we travel from the north to the south of Israel, and visit many museums and historical sights, like Tel Aviv, Jaffa, Be’er Sheva, Negev, Judean monarchy, Ramon Crater, jeep tour, Saharonim Fort, Dead Sea, Masada, Jerusalem, Tower of David Museum, Jewish Quarter, Broad Wall, the Herodian Mansions, Cardo, City of David, Hezekiah’s Tunnel, Temple Mount, Dome of the Rock, Al-Aqsa Mosque, Western Wall, Southern Wall Excavations, Davidson Center, Church of the Holy Sepulchre, tomb of Jesus, Russian Orthodox Church, Ethiopian courtyard, Old City markets and many other sights. We visit totally almost 60 historical sights during this tour.

Our guides are specially trained and have the correct education (one of your guides will be a doctor in History, specialized in Israeli history and Archaeology. You will see them back in the Archaeology tours. With this tour comes also the extended documentation and books, which is included in the tour. Some of the books we have written and are unique and designed to the tour.

Tel Megiddo

Megiddo was a site of great importance in the ancient world. It guarded the western branch of a narrow pass and trade route connecting Egypt and Assyria. Because of its strategic location, Megiddo was the site of several historical battles. The site was inhabited from approximately 7000 BC to 586 BCE

Then we have the Archaeological Tours, which – like the historical tours – delves into the history of Israel, except here it will be ancient history and here the group will delve into the mud, dust and sand and start digging. This tour is also divided into durations (12 and 10 days).

Like the History tours, we travel from the north to the south of Israel, and we will see 125 ancient sights in Israel. An example for the sights is the sights in and near Eilat: Eilat, Shahmon Site Bronze Age tumuli and temple, Eilot eighth-century Early Islamic village and copper smelting site, Wadi

Scorpion Ascent

Scorpion Ascent

Tawachin, Samar Neolithic desert kites, Dapit Nabatean, Roman caravansary, Evrona eighth-century chain well, Timna Park, Solomon’s Pillars, Late Roman Fortress at Yotvata, Makhtesh Ramon, Nabatean caravansary at Ein Saharonim, Scorpion Ascent, Great Makhtesh and Mamshit National Park. This is day 11 of the tour.


Food Pahalgam

Food Pahalgam

The Food and Wine tours are a bit different, and the focus is more on the Cultural aspect of Israel instead of its rich history. You will taste the different Israeli cultures instead of watching it or digging into it. This tour is special in different ways:

  1. The tour is expensive. And there is also a reason for it of course.
  2. The tour contains the best food a chef can make and drink the best wine Israel can produce. The food is not only during the lunch and dinners, but also the mostly ignored breakfasts. You are most likely gain in weight.
  3. And the type of food you eat is the original food from most of the different (sub-) cultures living in Israel.
  4. You will sleep, stay and live as a King during this tour with the best hotels Israel can offer.

And also this tour is divided into different durations (12, 10, 8, 6 and 4 days). We will visit 68 sights and meet many people of different cultures. You will dine in the most fancy restaurants, and you will eat in the desert, you eat at a table, and barbecue on a rock and have picnics between breathtaking forests, rives, lakes, deserts, etc. All of the with the highest quality possible.

Eco-tourism tours

Ein Prat Nature Reserve

Ein Prat Nature Reserve

We have a variety of Eco-Tours and here is the list:

  1. The National Parks and Reserves Tour. These tour are the perfect tours for the whole family and you will visit the National Parks and Reserves in Israel. This is an amazing tour, where you really see the variety of nature in Israel. This tour is divided into durations, like usual. We have the 12, 10, 8 and 6 days of the National Parks and Reserves Tour. And yes, there will be hiking. We visit the Yotvata Hai-Bar Nature Reserve, Ein Avdat National Park, Shivta National Park, Ein Gedi Nature Reserve, Ein Prat Nature Reserve, Ein Tzukim Nature Reserve, Qumran National Park, Masada National Park, Avshalom (Stalactites) Cave and the Beit Guvrin National Park.
  2. Then we have the Eco-Tourism tours. These tours are divided – as usual – into durations of 12, 10, 8 and 6 days. Here we visiting Israel from the north to the south. We visit the Golan Heights, Acre, Haifa, Caesarea, Tel Aviv-Jaffa, Jerusalem, Dead Sea, Qumran, Ein Gedi, Masada, Negev, Eilat and Be’er Sheva. We don’t focus on the cities, but on the beauty surrounding it.
  3. Bell Cave

    Bell Cave

    We have the special Cave tours, for those who really like this stuff. We have a collection of special tour guides, who have studied history and specially caves in Israel. There are thousands of caves in Israel and only 1,200 of those are mapped. In these tours we visit the main caves with our specialist guides. Also this tour is divided into 12, 10 and 8 days. We will visit the Sorek (Avshalom) Cave, Bell Cave, Zedekiah’s Cave, Hariton Cave, Malcham caves, Caves of Qumran, HaYonim (The Pigeons) Cave, Tabun (Tanur) Cave (Oven Cave), Hanahal (El-Wad) Cave and the Pa’ar Cave. In the evening and late afternoons there will be additional mini-tours, but those depends on the preferences of the group. One specific mini-tour is hiking from a cave in Jerusalem to the Dead Sea. This is a 8-10 hour tour, which mostly starts in the late afternoon till the morning next day.

Religious tours

And last, but not least, we have the religious tours, which are only focused on Christians (Catholic, Christian and Orthodox tours).

Church of All Nations

Church of All Nations

The tours are basically church tours, because that’s the focus of those tours. The churches are central and the people of the groups don’t get a normal church tour, but a spiritual journey through the Holy Land. The tours are organized with the bible in the hand following the footsteps of Jesus.

Church of the Holy Sepulchre Ethiopian monastery

Church of the Holy Sepulchre Ethiopian monastery

The groups in these tours are guided by specially trained Christian guides speaking multiple languages (Hebrew, English, German, Russian and others), and are many times assisted by spiritual guidance in the form of (local) priests and pastors. Anew Baptizing and renewal of your marriage vows are possible of course.

We have three types of religious tours:

  1. The Catholic tours, which are divided into 10, 8 and 6 days.
  2. The Christian tours, which are divided into 10, 8 and 6 days.
  3. The Orthodox tours, which are divided into 12 and 9 days.
Sea of Galilee Worship boat

Sea of Galilee Worship boat

Especially for those tours, we offer accommodation in hostels (low budget), guest houses and hotels. The guest houses are interesting for these groups, because if a group is larger then 20 people, the guest house is dedicated only for the group and nobody else. In the guest houses, the group can have morning and evening Holy Mass, and on the Sea of Galilee we have Holy Mass too. During the day, there are opportunities of Holy Mass in any of the churches we will visit. In case of baptizing people, the baptizing will be performed at the Jordon river and celebrated on a Jesus boat on the Sea of Galilee.

Tour organization

Tour Guides

In all of our tours, we have four guides for the large groups and two guides for the small groups. For the specialized tours, we have one guide, who is a specialist in the subject and the other guides are normal professional guides. We require from our guides knowledge, so you will not meet the normal guides in Israel, but well educated and professional guides.


The food, as was mentioned this before, is of the highest quality possible. The normal role of a guide and restaurants (bribes) is not the case here, because the actual management of Shalom Israel arranges the hotels and especially the restaurants during each tour. They choose for the best quality and test it out before each tour starts.

Exclude food and/or guides

But it is optional. I mean you can exclude guides and food as you wish. And it’s also logical in a way, because without guide, you can do what you want. You still have the same transportation, but you don’t need to follow a specific schedule, dictated by the guides. Or you don’t need to eat at the specified restaurants, but choose cheaper or less healthier, etc. If you exclude guides for as tour, you receive instead of them extended documentation and detailed maps. The same with tours excluding the food.

The exclusion of guides and food is not possible for the Cave tours (because without guides it’s dangerous) and Food and Wine tours.


In case there is a security situation in Israel, Shalom Israel will propose alternative sights, which will be discussed with the groups and in certain cases cancellations if the group prefers that. Whatever the newspapers report about security issues in Israel, its (Israeli) citizens must learn about security problems from the the foreign (not Israeli) press. It’s many times blown up and presented out of context. For example, the security problems in October 2015, not many organized group tours are canceled! Israel is a secure, stable country and it will stay like that for many years to come.


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