Archaeological Tour

With this tour, thousands of years of history come alive and you can take a look and in many cases, help unravel the mysteries in the Israeli earth and see for yourself what’s hidden there. For those who join this tour, will receive books, workbooks and maps about what we are going to see.

Judean Desert

Judean Desert

The tour will lead you from Jerusalem (of course, it’s ancient there), to Judean Wilderness, Tel Aviv, Mediterranean Coast to Galilee, Sea of Galilee, Golan, Negev to Eilat. You will visit museums, join the archeologists in the wilderness, you will visit remote places where history is being made at that moment.

This tour will have two guides and two guide assistants (independent of the number of people in the group). One guide will be a Dr. in Archeology, the second guide is very knowledgeable in this subject. The main guide will be the one telling, showing and demonstrating the archeological sights. We will address multiple periods in the history of the land of Israel, from 60,000 years ago to only several five hundreds years ago and everything in the between.

Western Wall Tunnel

Western Wall Tunnel

Jerusalem is well known, but not the underground city of Jerusalem and here we find many archeological findings and we will look at them carefully. We will go into details about the Western Wall Tunnels and it’s origins and the background stories about those tunnels and who used them and who built them and why. The Church of the Holy Sepulchre is also a very known church, but we will dive into the grottoes, caves and the tombs.

Warren's Shaft map

Warren’s Shaft map

The well known City of David we will explore in more details, like with the royal palace, Warren’s Shaft, the “water fortress” of the Gihon. Many stories are written and told about, and the origins a – let’s say – fuzzy. But we go into deep details of those sights. It’s amazing to see history in this way revealed.

The story of the Second Temple-era Pool of Siloam are dual. There is the story from the bible and the story of it’s origin, mystically told. Factual data seem to support miracles, and we can see the Pool of Siloam ourselves, as well it’s recent history how it was discovered and how it was restored to what it’s now.

Robinson's Arch

Robinson’s Arch

We will visit the Robinson’s Arch (this is the name given to a monumental staircase carried by an unusually wide stone arch, which once stood at the southwestern corner of the Temple Mount). Further we will the Southern Wall, steps to Hulda’s Gates, Davidson Center and Tower of David Museum.

For further details about this 12 day tour, click here.


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