Our Tour Guides

  • For our eco-tours, we have professional guides, who are first of all, hikers themselves. They traveled all over the world before they became a guide at Shalom Israel.
  • For the cave tours, we have two type of guides. The first one is the professional guide, who stays with you and the second guide will vary, depending on the caves you explore. That guide is a professional researcher with more then 20 years experience in the caves of Israel and surrounding.
  • For our Cultural and Historical tours, we have guides, who are firstly scholars in History of Israel. They lived here in Israel for years and know this country and it’s history and mixtures of cultures deeply. And of course they speak all the relevant languages of the region.
  • For our Food and Wine tours, we have guides specialized in the history, culture and of course the food. They are master story tellers and you will love their stories.
  • For our religious tours, only Christian (Catholic and Orthodox) people will function as a professional guide for you. For the Orthodox tours, the guide is a religious scholar or priest.

For those of you who don’t want to have a tour guide for their group, that will not be a problem. Look at the relevant price lists for the reduction of the price.

Group Tours

Group Tours

Most of our guides are licensed guides by the Israeli Ministry of Tourism. Because of the sad state of the Israeli education level, we added additional training for each guide. The exceptions are the guides, who are specialized by type of tour, like the specialists of the cave tours.


In the touring world, tips is a very hot topic (when the tourists are not listening). At Shalom Israel, tip money for the guide/driver/assistant guide is optional. You don’t need to tip the guide, because he gets paid very well.

But if you really insist on tipping the guide, this is what will happen with the tip money:

  1. 35% of the tip goes to the guide(s)
  2. 35% of the tip goes to the driver(s)
  3. 30% of the tip goes to the assistant guide(s)

Languages spoken

All of our guides speak at least four languages:

  1. Hebrew
  2. English
  3. Russian/Arabic
  4. French/Spanish

We have though guides, who speak the following languages as well (in addition to Hebrew and English):

  1. Arabic
  2. French
  3. German
  4. Spanish
  5. Dutch
  6. Russian
  7. Chinese
  8. Japanese

Note For other languages we can supply a translator, but there will be additional costs!

Using your own guide

Experience learned, that some groups prefers to bring their own guide. That is acceptable for us, except that we send the guide our guide book about the particular tour. Be aware, that our tours are custom made, especially designed, depending on the type of tour.In case for the History and Culture tours (because of the lack of knowledge), the Cave tours (it would be dangerous) and the Food and Wine tours (this demands special knowledge) such guide will be the assistant guide.

For example, our religious tours are for religious people and the guide is forbidden to treat them as tourists instead of spiritual wanders.

The same can be said for the cave tours and the history and culture tours. Those tours demand knowledge, which a normal guide doesn’t have.


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