Catholic, Christian and Orthodox Tours

Bible IconVisiting the Holy Land? Don’t miss all the hotspots with our suggested itineraries: visit Jerusalem’s Via Dolorosa and the room of the Last Supper, check out the Sea of Galilee and all the famous sites of the New Testament, and explore ancient cultures in various archaeological sites, interested in Holy Mass on the Sea of Galilee, or you want to renew yourself and baptize in the Jordan?

If you are Catholic, Orthodox or Christian, we have separate tours for you.


  1. Catholic Church Tour, 10 days
  2. Catholic Church Tour, 8 days
  3. Catholic Church Tour, 6 days
  4. Orthodox Tour, 12 days
  5. Orthodox Tour, 9 days
  6. Christian Tour, 10 days
  7. Christian Tour, 8 days
  8. Christian Tour, 6 days

The tours are designed for the believers and focuses on the bible, which leads you through the Holy Land. You follow the footsteps of Jesus, except you travel more in comfort.

Possible venues for Mass

In the Itineraries, there you find a list of possible venues for Mass for each day in a tour. Before you actually order the tour, please indicate which venues for Mass applies to you. We will make it working for you. This service is free of charge.


hotel, iconEach tour offers four standard types of accommodations and one optional type of accommodation. Click here for an impression of the hotels work with in Israel.

  1. The accommodation are hostels. You sleep in a dorm with usually up to four beds.
  2. The accommodation are three star hotels. This is based on a double room.
  3. The accommodation are four star hotels. This is based on a double room.
  4. The accommodation are five star hotels. This is based on a double room.

Optionally, we can offer the group special guest houses (or small hotels), which will be totally dedicated for the group, and nobody else stays at the same time.

  • Note It is possible to mix the accommodations. For example, you can choose day 1 till 4, hostels, day 5 and 7 five star hotels and the rest three star hotels or any combination you require.
  • Note We can’t deny that the choice of accommodation will influence the price of the tour.


Before you order the tour, please indicate how many people wishes to be baptized (again). Why?

All the tours are custom designed, and each group has it’s own specific demands and requests and we deliver. In case of baptizing, we prepare the persons for this process, starting from the beginning when you arrive at Israel until the moment they get baptized. After that, the group will retire on a worship boat on the Sea of Galilee to celebrate. This service is free of charge (how could we charge money for something so joyful?).

Renewal of the marriage vows

Cana Wedding church

Cana Wedding church

In Kfar Kana (location of Jesus first miracle) you can find the wedding church, were you can renew your wedding vows. This service is free as well, but we need to know beforehand if anyone in the group has such plans, so we can organize it for you.


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