Arbel Cliffs Photo Collection

The Arbel Cliffs hang over the sea of Galilee, and its natural caves were used as shelters for rebels against Herod, fortress during the revolt against the Romans and was fortified again in later periods. The ruins of a Hellenistic, Roman and  Byzantine villages lie below the cliffs and on its south-western side.

The cliffs are located on the north-west side of the Sea of Galilee  (actually, it is a lake). They are located  4 Kilometers north of Tiberias. They stand over Mary Magdalene’s village, today a town called Migdal. The observatory terrace, where the photos are taken, are at the top of the south-side cliffs, at 181 meters above sea level. The lake  is 200 meters under the sea level, so this is a difference of almost 400 meters!


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