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Different tours are available from $572 or $81 a day all in.Israel is a paradise for the tourist. With its diverse landscapes and scenery, ranging from desert in the south, to lush green hills in the north, that beauty is incredibly varied, and whilst traveling in Israel you are almost certain to, very often, gasp in awe at the beauty this land has to offer. Not only that, its history goes back tens of thousands of years ago when the first Homo Sapiens and Homo Neanderthal were occupying the north of the country. The three major world religions roots from this country, where everyone can visit its monuments, holy buildings and places of worship.


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We at Shalom Israel try to put things in perspective and give you the change to explore this country. If you are interested in the nature, you will be blown away of the variety, its beauty, and uniqueness. If you are interested in the history, you will be interested in the historical tours, where you will learn not only the recent history, but the ancient history of this country as well. If you are interested in the many cultures living here in Israel for hundreds, even thousands of years, we have the tour for you. If you want to ‘taste’ the cultures in Israel by our Food and Wine tours, it will be an experience you will never forget. The Food and Wine tour is a special VIP designed tour, a bit expensive, but extraordinary well done. If you are religious and you want to experience the Holy Land yourself, we have tours, which will do exactly that. And then we have the specialized tours, like the cave tour or the tours about the National Parks and reserves.

All the tours offered by Shalom Israel are created and hosted by Shalom Israel itself. Our teams of specialists create the tours with you in mind.

Israel Tour

Each of our tours …

Our tours includes …

  1. airplaneFor our international tourists, we pick them up from the airport or harbor and at the last day we bring them back. For our local tourists (Israelis and those who already stay in Israel), we can pick them up at a central location in Israel and bring them back at the last day of the tour. For this to work, the local tourists needs to indicate this at the registration of the tour.
  2. touring bus iconWhen we pick you up from the airport or harbor (yes, some tourists arrive at Israel by boat), you will meet our guides and driver. We take you by bus and bring you quickly to a place where you can relax and rest. You can have a bite to eat and drink (all of that is included in the tour, so please us it).
  3. Birthday iconFor most of our tours, we welcome everyone with a special, not scheduled evening tour (this depends on the time of arrival of the international tourists). What the evening tour contains is hard to define here, because it depends on the tour itself. For example, the religious tours will have a special theme for that evening tour, which is religious in character, while the Food and Wine tour organizes something related to food and wine.
  4. Tour guide in globe iconWe have two guides for all of our groups (up to 30); one professional and an assistant guide. For groups larger then 30people, we have four guides; two professional and two assistant guides.
    1. Our guides do speak; it’s there job. In normal, conventional tours in Israel, the guides are often labeled as ‘silent guides’ (who speak for a minute and moves on to the next sight). Our guides do speak continuously, talking about the sights, the background and can/will go deeply in the subject.
    2. Our guides stay with you for the length of the tour, 24 hours a day and always available to you. They stay in the same hotel as you, eat at the same restaurants and experience the tour as you experience it. They also function as Quality Control; in case the quality or service of a restaurant or hotel will suddenly change, they act immediately and there will be hell to pay.
    3. All our guides speak multiple languages. Hebrew, Arabic and English is the minimum for a professional guide. For those groups who need another language, we deliver the guide with that language.
  5. We have made it optional to have guides in our program. If you choose so, you can select a tour without guides, but with a driver. You receive documentation, books and maps about the tour and related to the tour and the driver takes care that you can eat at the scheduled locations.
  6. Good breakfast food iconWe also made it optional that the tour includes food. If you select this option, you have only breakfast (at your hotel). For those who include the food option, you will receive the best food in the best restaurants possible. The quality of the food is the best and it stays like this.
    1. Snacks! Our bus will carry an assortment of snacks and that’s of the healthy and not healthy categories. Because this is Israel and you loose loads of water during a tour (sweating), we have a large assortment of fruit as well.
    2. Chef iconFor the Food and Wine tour, the breakfast is served in a restaurant and not in the hotel. The breakfast at the Food and Wine tours are specially designed for you and each morning this is different.
    3. The normal quality of food can be represented in money. A normal lunch in Tel Aviv cost for example between the $15-$25. For all of our tours (with the exception of the Food and Wine tours), a lunch will have the value between $50-$100! The Food and Wine tours have lunches with values between the $100-$150!
  7. Mobile phone iconMany of our tours includes activities like swimming, hiking and other activities. For those with mobile phones, tables, mobile computers, cameras and other electronic equipment, there is a safe in the bus, where you can store it all. Our guides and/or driver will advice you at the appropriate times.
  8. Experience teaches us to have a collection of hats, footwear, sun-cream with us in case that one of you forget something essential as that in Israel. Hats are needed many times, because the sun in Israel can be unforgiving. Footwear is also needed, especially when your shoes might give it up during the tour. Sun-cream is needed to protect your skin.
  9. For each day of the tour you receive multiple bottles of water and we carry more in the bus in case that.
  10. Our guides are trained in first aid.

Different tours are available from $572 or $81 a day all in.

Places of Interest

park round iconThis site is not only about our tours. We write many articles about places in Israel, which are more then interesting. For example for those who want to look for an idea of a day out in Israel, you can find here many examples. You simply click on the menu Day Tours. There are other pages and posts, which tells about interesting things in Israel, like churches, like National Parks and Reserves. Israel is so unbelievable full with amazing places to visit, it’s not normal and we can write and publish about it for many years and will not even (be able to) describe everything.

Most of the subjects and sights we are publishing here are part of one of the tours we organize, but not all.

We don’t include flights to and from Israel. Why not?

airplane iconMany people for our tour are already living in Israel. Some tours are a mixture of international and national tourists and natives from this country. Especially the History and Culture and Food and Wine Tours are a good example.

For the international tourists who want to enjoy one of our tours, we advice them to contact their travel agency and let them do the work (which includes the required travel insurance as well). Many tourists require budget flights, but there are also tourists who want to fly in full luxury. For online information about flights to and from Israel, we like to refer to online booking sites in the Internet, like Low Fares.

5 responses to “Welcome to Shalom Israel

    • Mr. Vriesens, I assume you are from the Netherlands, looking at your name. Maybe north Holland?
      Anyway, the situation in Israel. The press (newspapers, Internet, TV, etc.) are – as usual – overstating the facts and coloring a situation, which is not there.
      But … there are indeed attacks, and there is indeed unrest, but at the Palestinian side. Many of our tours, which visits those areas in risk are postponed or canceled by us or the groups and customers. All of our tours, which do not visit those areas are going well.

      Within Israel, the real victims are the Israeli Arabs, who are loosing their jobs and their jobs are now threatened by the tensions, caused by the so called stabbing intifada. Also the PA is becoming nervous, because of the collapsed tourist season, they lose millions of dollars.
      Even with us, we prefer non-Arab guides for our groups at this moment.


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